Calahonda-Villas provides a website through which owners or rental managers (hereafter referred to as “Owner”) can advertise holiday homes for rent, and through which users (herainafter referred to as “Guest”) can view, search, make an enquiry or a booking on Calahonda-Villas.

Calahonda-Villas is not the owner or rental manager of any of the holiday homes on Calahonda-Villas and act therefore only as intermediary. All booking contracts are agreed between the Owner and the Guest.

Terms and conditions for using Calahonda-Villas

Personal use
Calahonda-Villas can only be used to view, read, search, book and enquire about holiday rental homes listed on Calahonda-Villas, with the purpose of renting a holiday home via Calahonda-Villas or browse articles and medias available on Calahonda-Villas.

Use of Calahonda-Villas for any purpose other than booking of a holiday rental home or browsing Calahonda-Villas is strictly prohibited. Content such as articles, videos, photos, descriptions, owner information etc and software and design on Calahonda-Villas is copyright protected. Other than personal use, content may not be otherwise used or copied without the prior written approval of Calahonda-Villas.

Booking a holiday home on Calahonda-Villas
On Calahonda-Villas the Guest is offered two ways of booking a holiday home and, depending on the chosen home, he will be able to do a payment by bank transfer, credit card (Visa or Mastercard):

The Guest sends an enquiry to the Owner and makes a booking directly with the Owner without Calahonda-Villas being involved. The Guest pays the Owner directly and agrees to the Owners rental agreement.

The Guest makes a booking on Calahonda-Villas with Calahonda-Villas acting as intermediary between the Guest and the Owner. Guest pays the full rental amount through Calahonda-Villas and agrees to the Owner´s rental agreement which is presented to the Guest before a booking is made.
The general terms and conditions on Calahonda-Villas apply in both cases.

Calahonda-Villas is not an Owner, rental manager or travel agency, therefore any agreement established to rent a holiday home on Calahonda-Villas is always agreed between the Guest and the Owner. To this extent they both must be at least 18 years of age on the day the holiday home is advertised or booked.

Accuracy of information
The updated and precise description of the holiday home, as well as the prices, the bookings and the pictures is fully provided by the homeowner. is constantly making efforts to make sure that the information provided by the homeowner is true, accurate and completely adjusted to reality.

Calahonda-Villas is an online platform and is not inspecting the holiday homes on their physical location or meeting with the Owner.

Use of Calahonda-Villas indicates that the Guest agrees to release Calahonda-Villas from any direct or indirect loss or damage in connection with but not limited to fraud, phishing, any breach of terms and conditions, accidents, strikes, lock-outs or disagreements with the Owner. Calahonda-Villas cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages the Guest may experience using Calahonda-Villas or staying in any of the holiday homes found or booked via Calahonda-Villas.

Calahonda-Villas is not obliged to offer any refund or compensation for direct or indirect losses that neither the Guest may have suffered from renting a holiday home on Calahonda-Villas nor the Owner may have suffered from renting out a holiday home on Calahonda-Villas. Calahonda-Villas acts only as intermediary so no rental contract or rental agreement can be made with Calahonda-Villas.

Calahonda-Villas may contain links to third-party websites or resources. By using Calahonda-Villas both the Guest and the Owner acknowledge and agree that Calahonda-Villas is not responsible or liable neither for the availability or accuracy of such websites or resources; nor the content, products, or services on or available from such websites or resources. Links to such websites or resources do not imply any endorsement by Calahonda-Villas of such websites or resources or the content, products, or services available from such websites or resources.

Calahonda-Villas cannot be held liable to the Owner for any fraudulent, consequential, or indirect damages, including lost profits, however caused, on any theory of liability. The Owner is responsible for any loss a Guest may experience if the Owner’s email account is hacked or maliciously manipulated in any way. If the Owner is a victim of fraud or phishing or if the Owner cancels a booking, the Owner accepts the obligation to refund the Guest the full amount paid, or to offer a matching holiday home with matching rental conditions if not able to fulfill the original booking agreement made between the Owner and the Guest.

Personal data protection and privacy
When using Calahonda-Villas, some personal information shall be saved in our database. Personal data protection and cookies policy is explained with detailed in our Privacy Policy.

The original Spanish version of the terms and conditions, privacy policy, advertisement agreement, rental agreement and Booking Protection Guarantee have been translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy and office translation only and no rights can be derived from the translated versions. In the event of a dispute about the contents or interpretation of the said documents, or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Spanish version and any other language version of any of the said documents, the Spanish language version to the extent permitted by law shall apply, prevail and be conclusive.

If any provision of either these terms and conditions or the advertisement agreement and rental agreement is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, the other provisions shall still remain in force.

Legal jurisdiction
These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, for the resolution of disputes in the competent courts and tribunals. Therefore, as an entity adhering to Confianza Online (European eCommerce Trustmark) and in the terms of its Code of Ethics, in case of disputes related to online contracting and advertising, data protection and protection of minors, the user has at his/her disposition the extrajudicial dispute resolution system of Confianza Online.

Terms and conditions for Owners on Calahonda-Villas
In addition to the above terms, the following terms shall apply to the Owners.

The Owner guarantees that he owns the copyright in the photographic and textual material supplied to Calahonda-Villas (hereinafter referred to as “the material”), or is authorized by the owner of the copyright to grant Calahonda-Villas permission to use the material. The Owner understands that photographic or textual material from any part of Calahonda-Villas may not be reproduced without permission from the copyright owner.

The Owner grants Calahonda-Villas a perpetual, royalty-free licence to use the material for promotional purposes. The Owner unconditionally indemnifies Calahonda-Villas immediately on demand against any cost, loss, or liability (including legal representation costs) which Calahonda-Villas may incur by any breach of copyright from use of the material.

Design and layout
Calahonda-Villas cannot be held responsible for any loss, or damage, resulting from the design of layouts, or changes made to the photographs and text submitted by the Owner. Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to set the final design layout of a holiday home advert on Calahonda-Villas, including the right to edit text, or amend layouts or photographs. Calahonda-Villas also reserves the right to amend and edit text data entered on the online database of the Owner.

Accuracy of information
Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to refuse any advertisement on any Calahonda-Villas website where the content fails to meet minimum requirements which are stated by Calahonda-Villas.

Rating System
Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to implement a rating system intended for Guests, in which they may assess the conditions and quality of holiday homes and Owners. This valuation would be totally free and Calahonda-Villas cannot be made responsible for disclaims arising from the feedback, comments and suggestions made by any Guest.

Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to insert advertising, or announcements referred to any sort of content in its website, including advertising related to other similar holiday homes. Calahonda-Villas declares that the use of this service is totally discretional, and Owners waive to file any damages claim, or other complaints or claims relating to any advertise published in the website.

Multiple properties
A holiday home on Calahonda-Villas belongs to one holiday unit, not multiple units, nor should be represented as an example of holiday homes. Only one unit should be represented in a holiday home unless prior permission has been given. Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to amend any holiday homes not in accordance with this policy.

Termination of an advert
If Calahonda-Villas receives complaints from Guests about a specific information on Calahonda-Villas, that is misrepresenting a holiday home, or its surroundings, or if Calahonda-Villas repeatedly receive complaints about an Owner, or the Owner have materially breached terms and conditions, or the Owner have behaved with misconduct or delivered inaccurate, fraudulent, outdated or incomplete information during the account registration, or violated applicable laws, regulations or third party rights, or if Calahonda-Villas believes in bona fide that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the safety or property of other Owners or Guests then Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to remove the holiday home from the website and disable the account without notice, and retain payment.

If an Owner attempts to enter unsuitable material into the database, or repeatedly misuses the online system, Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to reject any Owner or holiday home and will not be liable for any expense caused.

Otherwise, an Owner may remove the holiday home from Calahonda-Villas at any time. However the Owner must honor all current and future booking agreements made with Guests. Calahonda-Villas does not offer refunds for holiday homes taken offline by the Owner or Calahonda-Villas.

To maintain a constant high level of service, Calahonda-Villas requires all Owners to be available to respond quickly to enquiries and bookings by email. Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to suspend holiday home adverts of Owners who are unavailable for more than 24 hours.

External links
Links from a holiday home to any website or email address other than Calahonda-Villas are only accepted if a link is sent back to Calahonda-Villas from the Owner’s website or blog or similar. If an Owner adds a link or email address or company name without consent, re-adds a link or email address or company name after removal or removes reciprocated links from their advert on Calahonda-Villas, Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to remove the holiday home without refund.

Payment policy
Online credit card payments are processed through a third party payment provider over a fully encrypted SSL secure line. Cash payments are not accepted.

Payments made through Calahonda-Villas are done via third party secure certified payment provider and Calahonda-Villas does not store the full credit card details and is not liable for errors or losses on payments or money transfers.

Refund policy on the advertisement
Calahonda-Villas provides an advertising service rather than a physical product. No trial periods are offered, nor do Calahonda-Villas offer a refund or compensation for adverts which are expired or unexpired. Calahonda-Villas does not give any refund or compensation if the Owner experiences any losses such as bookings, money, damages or similar relation to any booking of the Owner´s holiday home.

Modifications to pricing and conditions
Calahonda-Villas reserves the right to change the prices and conditions to services offered by Calahonda-Villas without notice. Changes to prices will be applicable immediately and Owners will be notified by the website.

In most cases Calahonda-Villas requires Owners to supply proof of ownership of their property in form of a title deed, utility bill or similar. If Calahonda-Villas does not receive sufficient documentation, Calahonda-Villas can reject approval of the Owner and the holiday home, and an advert for the holiday home on Calahonda-Villas will be rejected.

Legalized holiday homes
In some regions the Spanish authorities require by law that Owners obtain a license to rent out a holiday home legally. In these regions, Calahonda-Villas can only approve and advertise a holiday home if the Owner presents a valid license number for the holiday home.

Additional conditions
On Calahonda-Villas the Owner can advertise a holiday home in different ways. Upon creating the advertisement the Owner will be prompted to accept the conditions that apply to that particular advertising form.

Calahonda-Villas reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the website, services or to modify this Terms, including the rental share, at any time and without prior notice. If Calahonda-Villas modifies this terms and conditions, these modifications will be posted on By continuing to access or use the website or services after Calahonda-Villas has posted a modification, Owners and Guests shall indicate their acceptance to be bound by the modified Terms.